• Georgia Griffiths

Odesza Finally Drop 'Loyal'

Electronic kings Odesza have released fan-favourite 'Loyal' as a single, after teasing it on Instagram yesterday.

'Loyal' is a heavy track that's been floating around since 2015. It absolutely goes off at their live shows, and fans have been asking for a release for ages. Similar to the What So Not Edit of RL Grime's 'Core', 'Loyal' was one of those songs that existed purely in bootleg YouTube videos taken at shows. Earlier this year, Odesza fixed that problem by releasing an official live version through Coachella's YouTube. We've now got it in it's full studio-version glory, after it premiered on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show as the World Record.

'Loyal' is packed with elements Odesza is known for doing well. There's deep, swelling horns, driven by a tough drum beat. Low-key vocals create a chorus of sorts, before the horns come back in a trap remix. It's easy to see why it works so well at live shows - especially when Odesza bring their drumline along. Check out the track below to see for yourself!

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