• Georgia Griffiths

come out and play | Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has dropped a gentle ballad as part of Apple's latest holiday campaign, 'Share Your Gifts'.

'come out and play' accompanies a cute wintery CGI ad about an artist who doesn't want the world to see their work. The song was written with her brother Fineas O'Connell, with O'Connell saying it was a "really fun process" to watch the ad and write a song around it.

While it may have been written for the ad, it also stands alone as a strong addition to Eilish's repertoire. Soft guitar drives most of the track, as Eilish croons along about being confident enough to show off your art. It builds to an electronic crescendo before dropping back to just her shockingly sweet vocals. All in all, it's a pleasant holiday-themed track that showcases another side of the impressive teen star.

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