• Georgia Griffiths

Gun | World Champion

After a three year gap between releases, World Champion have gifted us a new track oozing with groove.

'Gun' is the first taste a cleaner sound for the band, who have been perfecting their live set over the past few years. Co-produced and mixed by Jono Ma, it's a funky song in the same vein as Winston Surfshirt or Portugal. The Man. While it edges away from the winding psychedelic vibes of 2016's 'Avocado Galaxy', it's still got the fine blend of funk and electronica that made World Champion such an intriguing act in the first place.

'Gun' brings a strong bassline and swirling electronic beats, along with a healthy dose of cowbell. The band knows exactly when to strip the track back to keep everything moving. The washed out falsetto vocals turn it into the soundtrack for a whirlwind summer love. It's a lush return for World Champion, who hopefully won't leave us hanging for another release again!

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