• Georgia Griffiths

Stella Donnelly Sticks It To Creepy Men With New Single

Photo: Pooneh Ghana

Every time Stella Donnelly drops a new track I'm left in awe. How can one woman put everything I feel into words so profoundly?

This time it's 'Old Man' that's left me absolutely floored. It's a deceptively sweet-sounding track, full of twangy guitars and drawn out melodies. With an opening riff that almost sounds like Paul Simon's 'Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard', the lyrics are the real kicker. Donnelly tells a tale straight out of the #metoo era, reminding a television sports presenter of the gross things he did and how they could affect his life now. Lyrics like "It's our words that'll keep our daughters safe"are a call to action, delivered with the bite that Donnelly has become known for. "I needed to write this song for myself because if I hadn’t I would still feel quite angry about things that I probably let slide in my younger, more naive days," she said.

Of course, because dropping a ripper track wasn't enough, Donnelly also announced her debut album. Due out in early March, it's called Beware Of The Dogs. There will be 13 tracks, including 'Old Man' and previous hit 'Boys Will Be Boys'. Given her offerings to date, it's sure to be an absolute cracker.

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